What Musical Instrument Was Roger Troutman Known For

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And even though "Uptown Funk" was technically a Mark Ronson song, everyone knows whose performance made it the best pop-funk jam since Roger Troutman. music’s earliest composers and bandleaders — J.

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Roger Troutman, also known mononymously as Roger, was an American singer, composer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and the founder of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced west coast hip hop due.

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It was the late Roger Troutman ( Roger & Zapp, Roger) of “More Bounce to the Ounce” and “Computer Love” fame who was instrumental in cementing the acceptance of the unique vocoder effect into contemporary R&B and funk. The younger Troutman turns the whole thing around by using the technology to glorify Jesus Christ,

12-Jan-1905: Born on this day, was Woodward Maurice Ritter, better known as Tex Ritter, the American country music singer and movie actor who was popular from the mid-1930s into the 1960s.

The instrument, also known as the Old Lady or the Fireplace. came into its own and Brain was exultant to achieve the sound he’d always craved. Drummer Roger’s ‘The Loser In The End’ closes out the.

This video captures a 1987 Video Soul interview with Roger Troutman of the Zapp Band. Coast hip hop due to the scene’s heavy sampling of his music over the years. Troutman was well known for his us.

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The Life and Music of Roger Troutman. JERRICA STUART & JESSYE GREGORY. Funk musician born November 29 th in Dayton, Ohio to a family known for its talented brothers. Little is known about his education. His whole life was centered around music.

Drum and bass (also written as "drum ‘n’ bass" or "drum & bass"; commonly abbreviated as "D&B", "DnB" or "D’n’B"), is a genre and branch of electronic music which emerged from rave and jungle scenes in Britain during the early 1990s. The style is often characterised by fast breakbeats (typically 160–180 beats per minute) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers.

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Roger Troutman Sr. (November 29, 1951 – April 25, 1999), also known mononymously as Roger, was an American singer, composer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and the founder of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced west coast hip hop due to the scene’s heavy sampling of his music over the years.

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Roger Troutman. is probably best known for its use of the vocoder or talkbox, a device that makes vocals sound robotic, and for influencing musicians from rockers like Lenny Kravitz to rappers like.

For decades young and old made the trek to the Haverhill Music Centre in the heart of Haverhill’s downtown. It was known as the place to go for sheet music, instruments. bass and cello teacher Roge.

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Mar 11, 2011  · Roger Troutman (November 29, 1951 — April 25, 1999) was the lead singer of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the Funk movement and heavily influenced West Coast hip hop due to the scene’s heavy.

Roger is an old-school low-ender who started with a P bass and did his most famous work running a Rickenbacker through Marshall stacks. It’s very likely that the instruments he was offered over the ye.

Hood was part of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, also featuring guitarist Jimmy Johnson, drummer Roger Hawkins and keyboardist Barry Beckett, later known as The. it’s a great sounding instrument.

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A young Roger Troutman and his family band Zapp created a song called “More Bounce To The Ounce” featuring a lead talkbox performance played with a Moog synthesizer. This Bootsy Collins produced funk classic caught the world’s attention, and skyrocketed Zapp and Roger’s career.

Roger Troutman : biography. November 29, 1951 – April 25, 1999. Roger Troutman (November 29, 1951 – April 25, 1999) was an American singer, songwriter, producer and the lead vocalist of the band Zapp who helped spearhead the funk movement and heavily influenced west coast hip hop due to the scene’s heavy sampling of his music over the years.

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Troutman was well known for his use of the talkbox, a device that is connected to an instrument (frequently a keyboard) to create different vocal effects. Roger used a custom-made talkbox—the Electro Harmonix “Golden Throat,” as well as a Yamaha DX100 FM synthesizer.

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